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Ambit 244 

Editorial, 2021

A series of illustrations about a short story written by Emilia Ong

영국 문화예술잡지 Ambit 244호 내지 작업

The me that draws (2021)

Self-published book

Dimensions 210 x 297mm
Pages 48p

*UE100 제 13회 언리미티드 에디션 - 서울아트북페어 2021에서 11월 11일-14일, 4일간 판매될 예정입니다.

Multiverse (2021)

A series of illustration


How are you? (2020)

This short animation is about looking after the NHS.

Music: bensound.com

Ipad drawing (2020)

Jahyun Kim 2021